We’re hoping to keep you regularly updated on our progress towards Challenge 72 as well as providing regular updates during the Challenge.

15th September 2020.
Set to Artists For Grenfell’s beautiful cover of Bridge Over Troubled Water, here is Challenge 72 in pictures.
Thank you to everyone for your support.

6th September 2020.
Challenge 72 doing Shaun of the Dead!
A video taken as we returned to the hotel after the second day of the challenge. Did anyone say ‘zombies’?

26th August 2020.
On the eve of Challenge 72 getting under way, on behalf of the team, Jim Cowan expresses our thanks to everyone who has supported us (and those who will be).

24th August 2020.
On Saturday, 22nd August, Sonia Poulton and Shaun Attwood invited Jim onto their Sonia & Shaun Series show to discuss Challenge 72. They have kindly allowed us to share their conversation.

22nd August 2020.
With only six days to go before Challenge 72 gets underway, Paul emphasises the need for your support, and thanks those who have supported us to date.

21st August 2020.
With under a week to go before Challenge 72 begins, Aide updates us on his training for the next few days, kit, and why your support is so important.

20th August 2020.
Jim discusses what training will look like in the final seven days, the testing of kit and, emotionally, how important your support is.

16th August 2020.
Mo Qasim tells us about some of his reasons for taking part in Challenge 72 and reminds of the importance of people supporting us.

14th August 2020.
Sometimes emotionally, Paul ‘Captain’ Watson discusses the impact Covid-19 has had on our fundraising while emphasising the importance of supporting Challenge 72, the Grenfell Foundation, and the greater Grenfell community.

13th August 2020.
A brief update from Jim Cowan on this morning’s training walk with only two weeks to go before Challenge 72 begins.

8th August 2020.
Jim Cowan announces Europcar’s support for Challenge 72.

7th August 2020.
With just under three weeks to go before the team set off on the challenge, Jim gives us a short update on his preparations, including a blister problem, before briefly discussing MyC72 Challenge.

6th August 2020.
With only three weeks to go before we set out on Challenge 72, Mo Qasim gives an update on his preparation.

4th August 2020.
With just over three weeks to go, Paul looks ahead to the Challenge and discusses his role and some of his preparation.

18th July 2020.
A big thank you to Morrisons for supporting Challenge 72.

15th July 2020.
Arnie Oceng, star of Brotherhood, Adulthood, The Good Lie, Top Boy, Grange Hill, and many more, supports Challenge 72.

9th July 2020.
Big thanks to Death Of Guitar Pop’s Olly ‘Silky’ Hookings for sending us his support for Challenge 72.

9th July 2020.
Mo updates us on training for Challenge 72 under lockdown with two children to care for. Plus he talks about our new MyC72 Challenge, through which you can join in with a challenge of your own design.

3rd July 2020.
We are very grateful for these legends from the 1980’s music scene for supporting Challenge 72. A big thank you to Eddie Lundon, Toyah, Tom Bailey, Keith Mullin, Paul Young, Andy McCluskey, Janice Long, Garry Christian, and Midge Ure for your time and support.

1st July 2020.
Team Challenge 72’s Paul ‘Captain’ Watson updates us on how lockdown has affected his preparation, especially the impact of shielding on his daily step count.

30th June 2020.
An update from Jim on how his training for Challenge 72 is (or isn’t) going.

20th June 2020.
Paula Dunn, Olympian, Commonwealth gold medalist, and current UK Para Athletics Head Coach, gets behind Challenge 72.

18th June 2020.
Thank you to Laura Betts and The Skatonics for supporting Challenge 72.

17th June 2020.
Was that it?
Challenge 72’s Jim Cowan asks everyone to remember and support the Grenfell community for more than just the day of the fire’s anniversary.

16th June 2020.
Walsall Football Club’s Media Officer, Paul Joannou, on the club’s support and best wishes ahead of Challenge 72.

15th June 2020.
The Firefighter by Ricky Nuttall. How the Grenfell fire affected one firefighter.

14th June 2020.
Grenfell: Three Years Later.

10th June 2020.
We are very grateful to Nitin Ganatra Masood for his support for Challenge 72.

6th June 2020.
Thank you to Michael Lewis, aka Saracen from the Gladiators TV show, for lending his support to Challenge 72.

4th June 2020.
We are very grateful to Paul Rooney from Vice Squad for supporting Challenge 72 and our fundraising for the Grenfell Foundation:

1st June 2020.
Aide updates us on his training progress:

31st May 2020.
An update from Jim while on his Sunday morning training walk:

17th May 2020.
Jim Cowan on why he is taking part in Challenge 72:

25th April 2020.
Paul Watson on why he is taking part in Challenge 72:

22nd April 2020.
Mo Qasim on why he is taking part in Challenge 72:

19th April 2020.
Aide Myatt updates us before, during, and after one of his training walks for Challenge 72:

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