Meet The Team

Six friends brought together by their love of music, their passion for Chelsea FC and their determination to do something to support the community affected by the Grenfell Tower fire.

Aide Myatt

“My name is Adrian, otherwise known as Aide and recently I’ve become a veteran after serving 24 years in the Army. During my time in the Army I have taken part in many fundraising events, ranging from John O’Groats to Lands End and numerous 24 hour challenges to mention a few, something I will be continuing in this chapter of my life. Following the tragic events that unfolded at Grenfell I felt compelled to do something to help those affected and took part in the walk from Stamford Bridge to Wembley, since that walk in 2017 I have met some of those who were affected and listened to their stories which has driven me further. That is why I will be taking part in Challenge 72 with my close friends, one of who has deep rooted connections with the area. Wish us luck, we’re going to need it.”

Jim Cowan

My name is Jim, often referred to as Skinny Jim or Jasper (and other names best not repeated here). I have been creating, organising, and taking part in charity fundraising events for over 40 years having started when at school and raising £100s of millions along the way. Best known for creating the Race for Life and launching The Poppy Run, I have a number of challenges on my CV including the Rio 3 Peaks Challenge, Hadrians Wall non-stop, and the Fan Dance. I was hugely touched by the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower and was among those who filled a car with clothes, food, and drink for survivors in the immediate aftermath. I was also part of the team that walked from Stamford Bridge to Wembley in 2017 and 2018 for Grenfell and am now looking forward to further supporting the community by completing Challenge 72, possibly my toughest challenge yet!

Leighton Evans

Born and raised in the immediate area of Grenfell Tower, the fire affected me and my family very deeply. I lost good friends and saw the effects of the fire on my community in its immediate aftermath and still today.
I was proud to join the lads for the Stamford Bridge to Wembley walks and am also proud to be a part of Challenge 72.
Please give as much support as you can to me and the lads. This is a cause which still matters very deeply indeed.
We Are Grenfell.

Mo Qasim

My name is Mo but my friends call me the Colonel as I love KFC! Since hearing about the tragic events at Grenfell I always wanted to help rebuild the broken lives and community. Challenge 72 is great because I am doing something positive for the Grenfell Foundation, being active which is a healthy advantage and I get to do this with my closest friends, one of which has deep connections to Grenfell.
Thanks for reading.
Colonel Mo.

Paul Carter

My name is Paul Carter and the rest of these loons call me “Two Pics” because I always have a camera with me and like to take lots of pictures. My only previous involvement with raising funds for Grenfell has been donating to other’s fundraising efforts, especially the Stamford Bridge to Wembley walk, so I thought it was about time I got involved myself this time. There is no way on earth I could attempt the 72lbs for 72 miles in 72 weeks, let alone hours, so the next best thing was to provide support and logistics for those doing the walking (and taking pictures too of course!). Although this challenge will be taking place over 3 years after the events of June 14th 2017, that night and the period since should never be allowed to be forgotten. Any help I can give to that end including the support and publicity it will give to the survivors will be but a drop in the ocean, but still much needed.

Paul Watson

My name is Paul Watson, my friends call me The Captain. This will be the third time that I’ve been involved in raising awareness and money for those that have been affected by the traumatic events that unfolded at Grenfell. I originally got involved when we walked from Stamford Bridge to Wembley shortly after the fire, after first of all feeling the need to do something and then finding out that one of our close friends had lost friends in the fire. These are the reasons that I’ve been involved with previous events and this years event too.

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